Rig yard stay services, another Green Yard breakthrough

The yard was operational in 2018, and in 2019 the business area "Rig yard stay services" was established. One year later - in 2020 - Green Yard can take note of what could be a real breakthrough when it comes to this type of yard services.

Borgland Dolphin ved Green Yard rigghavn

This is because the rig Borgland Dolphin, which has been on a drilling assignment for Shell in the North Sea, returned to Green Yard in June for another round of necessary maintenance after a very successful stay at the yard in 2019.

In addition, Green Yard was very close to being visited by two more rigs this summer. Unfortunately, this did not happen, but the fact that Green Yard also received that inquiry shows that the marketplace has become aware that there is a very capable rig yard in the Fedafjorden.

The return of Borgland Dolphin, however, is a solid pat on the back for Green Yard, along with the local and regional subcontractors who have helped deliver a level of services and quality work that has made the client, Dolphin Drilling, so satisfied the result that they are returning for another yard stay.

At the same time, this is really good news for both the municipality, the region and Green Yard in these challenging times affecting us all.

The ripple effect of having a rig staying at Green Yard are big, both for the Kvinesdal municipality, and the Lister region in general. That means more work for a number of Green Yard subcontractors. In addition, there is increased activity for local service companies, both within the hotel/accommodation and transport sector.