Major contract with Solstad Offshore ASA for ship recycling

Green Yard has signed an agreement with Solstad Offshore ASA for the purchase of seven vessels for recycling.

Green Yard to resycle Normand Borg

The vessels included in the agreement with Solstad Offshore ASA are: the anchor handlers Far Sovereign, Normand Atlantic, Normand Borg, Normand Neptun, and Sea Tiger, and the PSVs Far Strider and Sea Pollock.

All the vessels are older vessels that have been in lay-up for a long time, and which Solstad Offshore ASA considers to be non-strategic and obsolete in current and future markets.

“We are pleased to continue our good relationship with Green Yard. We have previously placed two vessels for recycling with Green Yard and it is with confidence from the good experience from the previous projects we now have concluded these new contracts.  It is with pleasure we notice that Norwegian shipyards are able to compete with the other EU Compliant shipyards.  We believe this will lead to more owners, with tonnage located in Norway, considering recycling as an option going forward”, says Anders Engeset, Head of sale and purchase, Solstad Offshore ASA.

The scope of the agreement means that it will ensure activity at Green Yard Feda and Green Yard Kleven throughout 2022.

With such predictability, Green Yard will be in a very good position to further develop it’s recycling of ships business – while continuing the ongoing efforts to secure new contracts for building new ships and modification of ships.

“We at Green Yard are proud and grateful for this agreement with Solstad Offshore. The agreement has a historical scope when it comes to the environmentally friendly recycling of ships in Norway, and it proves that our circular economy business model is really bearing fruit. We are pleased that the activities at our two yards, Green Yard Feda and Green Yard Kleven, can be further developed for a greener future, while securing local jobs.” Hans Jørgen Fedog», CEO, Green Yard Group AS

Four of the seven vessels will be recycled at Green Yard Kleven, and three of the vessels at Green Yard Feda.