Green Yard acquires Kleven Verft

Green Yard Group will take over further operations at Kleven Verft by agreement with the bankruptcy estate and the banks involved. The core competence is preserved and Green Yard Kleven will also in the future be one of Norway's most renowned shipyards.

Green Yard Kleven

Green Yard Group plans to continue its shipbuilding activities at Green Yard Kleven, at the same time expand the yard’s operations to include new business areas in addition to shipbuilding and maintenance.

Green Yard (Feda), the second shipyard in the Green Yard Group, is Norway’s leading player when it comes to environmentally friendly recycling of ships, and the group will now seek to further strengthen this position by also introducing environmentally friendly recycling of ships at Green Yard Kleven.

This will add new business to Green Yard Kleven, which in turn will provide a more stable supply of work for the yard, and thus contribute to both securing the operation of the yard, and to securing the jobs at the yard.

Green Yard Kleven has a long and proud shipbuilding history, and this legacy will certainly be continued as the yard will also continue to build ships – in addition to the activities in the other business areas.

Having both the Green Yard (Feda) and Green Yard Kleven shipyards in the portfolio, the Green Yard Group is now one of the most complete shipyard groups in Norway.