Breakthrough for Green Yard in a new market

Green Yard is in the process of completing the work on the largest assignment the yard has had to date - necessary maintenance on the rig Borgland Dolphin.

Green Yard 26 - JUST1

Borgland Dolphin, which has been laid-up in Lyngdal for a long time, anchored at Green Yard in Kvinesdal on June 9th. The rig, which was built in 1977, is very solid, but after a long period of use and lay-up, it was in need for some necessary maintenance.

Work on the rig started more or less immediately after it was anchored. Green Yard has been responsible for both painting, electrical work and some steel work, and Dolphin Drilling has also done some work on their own.

The fact that Green Yard got this job is a breakthrough in a new and very interesting market. For several years, there has been talk of getting this kind of project to Angholmen, so the fact that Green Yard finally has made it happen, is a great accomplishment!

However, Green Yard has not been working with Borgland Dolphin alone. This project has been fulfilled in collaboration with other suppliers and partners, both local and external.

It is very positive that tonnage of this calibre can be restored, and Green Yard is very pleased to have been able to contribute to the rig once again being ready to take on new assignments.

At the same time, this has been almost like a graduation for Green Yard, which at this time is in the process of finishing work on the rig – the biggest job the yard has had so far.