Borgland Dolphin returns to Green Yard

Drilling rig Borgland Dolphin arrives at the Feda shipyard today, for its third stay. Today’s arrival follows the rig’s previous and very successful stays in 2019 and 2020, and consolidates Green Yard's standing in the rig market.

Borgland Dolphin til sjøs

Borgland Dolphin arrives at the yard after completing a drilling assignment north of the Gjøa field, where the rig has been commissioned by Wellesley Petroleum AS. The rig will carry out both necessary maintenance and upgrades, and is expected to be laid-up at Green Yard until the summer.

«At Green Yard we are proud of the good collaboration we have developed with Dolphin Drilling since Borgland Dolphin’s first stay at Green Yard. In addition to developing our organization and our shipyard services, this type of assignment also has ripple effects for the business community in the Kvinesdal municipality and in the Lister region in general. This means that several local and regional subcontractors to Green Yard will have the opportunity to deliver products and services to a client that contributes to growth and development in the business community, says CEO Hans Jørgen Fedog at Green Yard»

It is particularly gratifying that the assignment also is expected to provide more business for the local service companies, not least in the hotel and catering industry – industries that have been hit very hard during the covid pandemic.