Borgland Dolphin is ready for its next drilling assignment

Another successful stay for Borgland Dolphin at Green yard is over. The rig is now on its way to its next drilling assignment in the Norwegian Sea.

Borgland Dolphin ved Green Yard

Borgland Dolphin has been at Green Yard on Angholmen in Fedafjorden throughout the summer – a stay of just over two months. Over these months, Green Yard has carried out necessary maintenance on the rig, which has recently been on a drilling assignment in the North Sea.

The maintenance that has been done is an important element in preparing the rig for new assignments, in this case for the operator Wellesley, where Borgland Dolphin will be drilling an exploration well for the Schweinsteiger prospect in the Norwegian Sea.

This is the second time Borgland Dolphin has been to Green Yard for necessary maintenance. Seen in connection with the interest the yard has received from other rig operators, this means that Green Yard has now established a foothold in this market.

The yard will further consolidate that position through planned investments in shore power, which will be good for both the neighbours and the environment, as well as improving access to the rigs.

It has been a hectic summer for Green Yard, with the acquisition of the Kleven shipyard, establishing the Green Yard Group, and the Borgland Dolphin maintenance yard stay.

In spite of this, the work on the rig has been carried out absolutely excellent this time as well. This is not least due to the solid contribution Green Yard has received from its local and regional subcontractors, who have once again provided services and quality at a very high level.

The rig is now ready for a new drilling assignment, and already on its way to a new location in the Norwegian Sea.

Green Yard wishes Borgland Dolphin a “bon voyage”, and a heartfelt “welcome back”.