Green recycling – Green modification

Green recycling

Recycling ships

Green Yard specialises in ship recycling in accordance with the strictest national and international agreements and regulations.

Our recycling process ensures that working and environmental conditions are fulfilled responsibly. Recycling work is performed indoors to minimise the risk of emissions to the environment. Modern, innovative machinery with minimal emissions provide a good working environment, with less noise and dust emitted.

We focus heavily during the recycling process on the degree of recovery possible from all waste materials, including the resale of used ship parts on the used parts market, local sales and via our own online store.

All recycling is performed to the highest European standard. Green Yard is the only shipyard of its kind in the world.

In consultation with FFS Marine, we can provide a full range of tugboat and lighter services to bring vessels to the yard from anywhere in Europe.
That means that shipowners have a one-stop service covering everything from the point when the decision is made until completion.

Green Yard is on the European List of ship recycling facilities.

  • Hong Kong-convention (HKC)
  • EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR)

Reception and collection of iron and other metals

Green Yard takes all types of iron and other metals (aluminium, copper, scrap iron, brass, lead, cable, zinc, nickel alloys etc.) from industrial and private customers for recycling.

Working closely with local carriers, we offer collection of iron and other metals, and containers for storage until we collect.

We keep a careful eye on market developments, and work closely with the country’s biggest recycling and environmental services with particular focus on iron and other metals. Such professionalism makes our downstream solution extremely competitive, ensuring that we are always updated on price changes and movements in the market that allow us to offer highly competitive prices.

Green Yard’s goods inwards yard has an approved HGV weighbridge to ensure accurate weighing and billing to our customers.

We also take EE waste, e.g. transformers, electric motors, cables etc.

Green modification

Green Yard supplies shipyard services such as prefabrication, repairs, electrification, motor changes, mobilisation, re-activation and classification of ships and rigs.

We have our own rig dock easily accessible from the sea and stable weather conditions, in addition to highly-skilled business associates at all levels. Naturally, we supply electricity from shore for ships and rigs.

In addition to the shipyard personnel, Green Yard also has personnel with extensive experience of working offshore. We can therefore provide the complete package of: offshore survey, maintenance, modifications, prefabrication and installation offshore.


Reference: Dolphin drilling

Green Yard delivered facilities, services, and labour capacity to meet the needs we presented them with for an extremely complicated project with short notice and tight deadlines. Being able to dock at a base with such capacities and have access to such compact infrastructure was extremely valuable, especially being able to use local suppliers facilitated by Green Yard when needed to complement their own range of products and services.

We handle complex projects that need considerable capacity within all disciplines in terms of resources and equipment. We can offer the full range, from engineering to completion and commissioning.

Green Yard believes strongly in using local suppliers to be able to provide cost-effective and efficient logistics to our customers. Green Yard is ISO-certified according to 9001 and 14001.

The yard is located in Feda Fjord, midway between Kristiansand and Stavanger, with everything needed for working 24/7 throughout the year.


No job is too small or too large

  • Steelwork
  • Pipelaying
  • Mechanics
  • Interior joiners
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Engineering

District dealer for gas

Green Yard is the dealer in Lister for Nippon Gases Norge AS, supplying all kinds of industrial and commercial gases to our customers.


We offer some of the best prices on the market.

Contact us for full details and best prices.

Tlf: +47 90098185

Lay-up services for ships and rigs

Green Yard has extensive docking facilities and for anchoring in the areas around the yard. Our location in a fjord with stable weather conditions makes the yard ideal for laying-up ships and rigs. We have installed electricity from shore with meters for all lay-up berths.

Contact our Lay-up Manager for any requirement.

+ 47 92 350 020


Borgland Dolphin til sjøs

Borgland Dolphin returns to Green Yard

3. February 2022

Drilling rig Borgland Dolphin arrives at the Feda shipyard today, for its third stay. Today’s arrival follows the rig’s previous and very successful stays in 2019 and 2020, and consolidates Green Yard’s standing in the rig market.

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About us

Green Yard was founded to undertake environmentally-friendly recycling and modification of ships and rigs to the highest standard.

Green Yard is located at Angholmen in Feda Fjord, in a long-established shipyard area with proud traditions.

Our extensive capacity with deep water quays, workshops and massive warehouses close to the North Sea and the rest of Europe, combined with our experience and expertise, make Green Yard highly attractive within our business areas.

Local owners based in the Lister region mean we can work long-term with a common goal of development within any business area in the best interests of our customers.


Green Recycling

  • Ship recycling
  • Receiving and collection of iron and other metals

Green modification

  • Rig repairs, maintenance and modifications
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Ship repairs, maintenance and modifications
  • Prefabrication of steel, pipes and painting
  • Engineering
  • Gas dealer for Nippon
  • Other workshop services

Lay-up services for ships and rigs

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Green Yard AS
Org. nr.: 920 802 656

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